Can anyone find me or my real phone number?

In short, never.

Unlisted offers private second phone numbers so that you can freely choose when to give out your real phone number. We strive to provide protection for your real phone number and work hard to ensure that your privacy is protected.

We have engineered Unlisted to make tracing you, your email, your real phone number, or anything about you impossible if someone only has your Unlisted phone number.

How does this work?

We have built in several layers of privacy, each with their own protection:

First, we provision our phone numbers from various partners. If someone looks up your Unlisted phone number, they will only see the partner's information. These partners are major telecom companies and we have strong assurances and guarantees of privacy from them.

Second, we register the number from the provider in our company's name. The provider does not know anything about our users.

Third, we store your information securely on our servers. We have strong access controls and have implemented industry standard security and encryption mechanisms.

Fourth, when we provision an Unlisted phone number for your use, we don't publicly associate it with you in any way. We don't set the caller ID (it remains blank), and we don't provide your information to anyone. On our servers, we maintain a mapping of the phone number to you, and that is the only place it lives.

Fifth, we have implemented strong guarantees of privacy in our terms of service and privacy policies. We promise not to sell your data or reveal it to anyone, ever. The one exception is if we receive a lawful order from a competent authority, such as a subpoena signed by a judge; in this case, we have to turn over what we have. You can read more about what data we have and what we will provide in our Privacy Policy.