Receiving texts from short codes

Your Unlisted numbers can receive messages from standard short codes. You can reply back to these messages but our apps don't currently let you enter a short code to start a new conversation.

What is a short code?

A short code is a special phone number that is 5-6 digits. They are considered short when compared to a long code number, which is a standard 10 digit phone number. 

At a really general level, short codes are special numbers owned by businesses. You will typically see messages come from these numbers when you receive verification codes or alerts.

Which short codes are supported?

We support receiving messages from all standard short codes. We do not support messaging with premium short codes. These are special short codes that can initiate a charge to your phone bill ("Text XXXXX to donate $5 to YYY").

If you are wondering about verification or one-time password (OTP) texts, please see our dedicated page for more information: Support for Verification Texts