Why isn't my number getting texts?

All Unlisted numbers can receive text messages by default. If you are expecting a message that doesn't come through, please check the following:

Is the other number supported?

Unlisted phone numbers can receive texts from any US or Canadian number. The country code for the United States and Canada is +1. Please make sure that the call you are expecting is from a supported number.

Please note that the +1 country code is also used by other North American countries that we do not support.

Do you have enough texting credit?

If you are on an unlimited plan, you can skip this part. If you aren't though, please make sure you have texting credits. Credits are required to both send and receive texts.

Have you enabled push notifications?

It is possible that the message is coming in but you are not being notified because you have not allowed us to send you push notifications. Please check that notifications are enabled in the iOS settings app. Go to Privacy > Unlisted > Notifications and ensure that this is enabled.

Is this a verification or two-factor authentication (2FA) text?

Verification texts have a few caveats when working with our numbers. In fact, we wrote a whole separate article about this here: Support for Verification Texts

Still need help?

We're here for you! Send us an email at support@unlistedapp.com and let us know how we can help.