Set a caller ID name

You can set your name or your business name to appear when you call others.

To set a caller ID, please fill out this quick form:

👉 Set up your caller ID (tap or click here)



  • The name can be a maximum of 15 characters
  • It must be associated with you or your business
  • You can't use words like "Blocked", "Unavailable", etc.

Proof of Name

We require proof before setting a caller name on your number. This is in order to prevent fraud and meet the requirements of our providers. Acceptable proof is any of the following:

For business names:

  • A photo of your business license or other official registration
  • A photo of your business card
  • If you are sending from your business email and the domain name (the part following the @) is your business name, then we will accept that as enough proof. For example, if your account is registered to, then we'll accept that as proof for "Mikes Contstrctn"

For personal names:

  • A photo of your driver's license or other official ID. We just need to see the name and you can black out everything else.

If you have some other proof that you think fits the requirements but is not listed above, please feel free to submit it. We'll assess it on a case-by-case basis. Most important is that we feel that your usage of the name is legitimate.

Other requirements

  • This feature is only supported on a paid plan. If you are on a trial, you'll need to wait until your trial is over.

By the way, not interested in setting a caller name? Not a problem at all . Unless you specifically configure a name as described above, the default caller name remains blank.