Port away from Unlisted

We understand that there are times you'll want to port your number elsewhere, and we will do our best to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

When porting numbers, the new carrier or service is responsible for leading the process, so you'll need to get in touch with them to get started. They will then let you know what information they require.

Please note that our numbers are locked by default. Please submit a port-out request below so that we can unlock your number for porting.

In some circumstances, we may charge a small fee (around $5) to unlock your number for porting. For example, if you just bought your number or are still in the trial period.

Here is what the whole process looks like:

  1. You submit a port-out request to us at this link: Submit port-out request
  2. We'll unlock the number and provide you a port-out PIN
  3. You go to the new carrier and provide them with the PIN as well as the information listed below
  4. Your new carrier will submit the request to us
  5. We will approve the request
  6. Your number will transfer to the new carrier within 1-3 days

The new carrier might need some, all, or none of this information. Ask them and they will let you know.

Phone Number: The phone number you wish to port from us

Customer Name: This is your name

Account Number: This is your Unlisted phone number (the one you are porting). For example, (555) 654-7890 would have an account number of 5556547890.

Billing Address: Please provide our company address: 836 Anacapa St #592, Santa Barbara, CA, 93102

Port-out PIN: We'll provide this to you when we unlock your number