Why does my number come up as "Spam Likely"?

Carriers and robocall blocking apps have been increasingly blocking calls from numbers that go a bit outside the normal calling patterns: too many calls, calls that are too short, or calls that call too many numbers. When this happens, the recipient of your call may see a label such as:

  • Scam Likely
  • Fraud Likely
  • Spam Likely
  • Suspected Scam
  • Scam Risk

Of course, these labels are not always correct, and we are seeing that they are being applied very aggressively, especially to new numbers such as those issued by Unlisted. Please note that this label is not a caller ID. And, of course, it isn't something we set for your number. 

If your calls are showing up with the label, here is what you can do:

To make sure that your calls aren't miscategorized as unwanted by carriers or applications, we highly encourage you to register your number with the Free Caller Registry portal. Mobile carriers T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, together with their respective analytics engines First Orion, Hiya, and Transaction Network Services (TNS) have set up this portal to allow callers to more easily register their traffic with all of their systems at the same time. This registration portal may not cover other consumer applications responsible for call labeling or blocking. Additional guidance from the FCC can be found in the Tips to Avoid Having Legitimate Calls Blocked.