What does my caller ID show?

The caller ID will show your Unlisted number and no name. 

If you want to double-check (we would too!), you can:

  1. Call or text yourself to see what shows up
  2. Call or text a friend and ask them what they see
  3. Go to this free caller id lookup tool and enter your Unlisted number

Note: Under no circumstances will your real phone number ever be shown. Calls and texts don't use your phone at all so there is no connection between your real number and your Unlisted number. Instead, Unlisted uses your data connection to connect to our servers and we make the call or text from there. Using Unlisted lets you hide your caller ID.

Interested in setting a name for your caller ID?

We offer the option to set an outgoing caller ID. For more information, see Set a Custom Caller ID.

Not using Unlisted? Try it free today!

Unlisted is an app for iOS and Android that lets you add multiple phone numbers to your existing phone. Only your Unlisted number will show when you call or text. Your real caller ID will remain completely hidden! 

Tap here to download Unlisted