How to send a text (or pic)

  • All Unlisted numbers can send and receive text + photo messages
  • Texts that you send through Unlisted only show your Unlisted number on the caller ID
  • Your real phone number is not associated with the message in any way and won't show up for the recipient

Here's how to send a text

  1. Select the Messages tab on the bottom bar
  2. Tap the New Text button. It the colored and round button in the bottom right corner
  3. Enter the name or number up top in the text bar
  4. Tap the Contact or button that says "Send text to (XXX) XXX-XXXX" (if you entered a number)
  5. Enter your message or Select a photo
  6. Tap send. It's the button to the right of the text bar.

Run into any issues along the way? Just get in touch with our support team and we'll help you out!