Testing your number

We've built a free test number that you can use to test your Unlisted number. Use it as much as you'd like to test your audio and line settings.

Text or call: (877) 837-8379

Here are some things you can do:

- Call the number and we'll read out which number you dialed from. This is useful to verify which number other people are seeing.

- Call the number and you'll have the option to receive a call back. Use this to verify that you can receive calls and that your notifications, availability, and incoming call options (forwarding, send to voicemail, etc) are working properly.

- Call the number and you can record audio then play it back. This can help you test the quality of your audio connection.

- Call the number and you can test your dial pad. Tap a button and we'll tell you which digit we received.

- Text the number and we'll echo that text or picture right back to you after a few seconds. This is useful to check your notification and availability settings. You can also verify that there are no formatting or other issues with your text or photo.